Y: Delta Communications, LLC. from Cerrado, LLC.

Y ) Property sale / Delta Communications, LLC. from Cerrado, LLC.

( given an immediate $ 382,910.00 discount from a $ 440,000.00 sale ) Documents

  1. On October 20, 2010 the City of Marion passed Ordinance # 2330 accepting the dedication of the newly created subdivision platted as the “ CLEARWAVE COMMUNICATIONS COMMERCIAL” to the City of Marion, Illinois. This 3.142 acre subdivision was comprised of a total of only two lots. Jeff Robinson approved the subdivision plat, signed, and recorded it.

  2. On October 29, 2010, Cerrado LLC. ( Osman and Mayer etal ) sold Lot #2 to Delta Communications, LLC. ( the recipient of a 31 million dollar federal contract award )

  3. P-TAX records confirm that the purchase price was $ 440,000.00. ( see documents referred to as Exhibit Y )

  4. There was a 19 year old building ( previously a “Golf Warehouse”) on the property at the time of the sale, assessed with improvements at a fair cash value of $ 115,680.00 on the 2010/2011 tax bill.

  5. Delta Communications, LLC. obtained a $ 560,000.00 building permit in March of 2011, razed the old building, and built a new one specifically for their fiber optic cable installing business.

  6. In an inexcusable departure from the normal and expected assessment requirements, the Williamson County Tax Assessor did not reassess this property to reflect the actual purchase price, aka its fair cash value.

  7. Instead, the Williamson County Tax Assessor assessed the land value at only $ 57,090.00, and the new building for $ 400,370.00. Clearly, the fair cash value assessment should have been the actual purchase price of $ 440,000.00, plus the new building assessment of $ 400,370.00, for a total of $ 840,370.00.

  1. The rough estimate of tax monies defrauded the county taxpayers on this transaction alone is approximately $ 18,000.00.

Exhibits Y Documents )

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