My Story




While researching property tax records in the spring of 2013, in preparation for my appearance before the Williamson County Board of Review, ( protesting the non uniform taxation of my property ) I made a shocking discovery. Since it was not directly related to my case, I set it aside for further investigation, and proceeded through the hearing, and the subsequent paperwork filing for the Property Tax Appeal Board ( PTAB ). In July of 2013 after a discussion with my close friends, we explored the matter further by diligent research, inquiries, interviews, and supportive FOIA obtained documents.

What we found was deeply disturbing, and undeniably proven by certified documentation. While the evidence uncovered numerous facets of serious irregularities and inequity on multiple fronts, the common threads run directly through the Williamson County Courthouse, as well as the City of Marion, involving elected officials, and literally millions of taxpayer dollars .

When questioned in public meetings and presented with the mounting evidence, the Mayor and the entire City of Marion Council refused to provide answers, and created an ordinance limiting both the time and substance of speech allowed to the public, as well as ordering the Chief of Police to remove the dissenter, along with the threat of monetary fines.

When questioned in public meetings and presented with indisputable evidence, the Williamson County Commisioners also refused to provide answers, stating that there was “ not a shred of evidence of wrongdoing”. Ron Ellis stated that they “would hire Jeff Robinson all over again”. Brent Gentry actually thanked the media for “not running with this story”.

In the interest of brevity, this expository focuses on the outrageous, selective, and huge property tax discounts being handed out by and under the direction of the Williamson County Tax Assessor.

You may draw your own conclusions. It is your money.







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