• Figures calculated in these examples are rough estimates only, but should be within reasonable margins of error.

  • Mistakes, if any, are not intentional.

  • Sources include documents available to the public and from courthouse.

  • These examples represent findings from a very small area of this county.

  • The patterns and connections established are undeniable.

  • The common denominator appears to be the Williamson County Tax Assessor.

  • The same developer names appear repeatedly in the separate examples, and are often connected to each other.

  • The City of Marion is refusing to provide reasonable e-mail copies of financial records which would allow the taxpayers to see exactly where, and to whom, their tax money is going. Enormous concerns have been raised with regard to the TIF district funds and the outrageous irregularities uncovered already.

  • Jeff Robinson’s salary is (50%) reimbursed to the county by the State of Illinois. He was recently appointed to the Enterprise Zone Board, which is where “they” decide which properties get “tax free” buildings.

  • Please join the call for immediate state and federal investigations.






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