Z: William Brian Ziegler

Z ) Property sale / William Brian Ziegler and Robyn Dale Ziegler from The Salvation Army

( given a reduced assessment, and then never assessed for new building construction, an estimated $ 500,000.00 discount )  Documents

  1. In August of 2011, William Brian Ziegler and Robyn Dale Ziegler purchased five vacant land parcels from The Salvation Army, an Illinois Corporation. This prime commercial property is located on North Court Street, aka Illinois Route 37, in Marion, Illinois.

  2. Property record cards record the purchase price as only $ 150,000.00, less than half of the purchase price six years earlier.( see example “R” in this expository ) ( see documents referred to as Exhibit Z )

  3. William Brian Ziegler is the owner of Clarida & Ziegler Engineering , and along with Glen Clarida, serves as the City of Marion’s engineer. Clarida & Ziegler Engineering provides the vast majority of all engineering services for the City of Marion, IDOT, and Williamson County.

  4. Example “R” of this expository outlines the failure of the Williamson County Tax Assessor to reassess this same property in the previous 2005 sale as well, to reflect the actual purchase price. The property was included in the City of Marion’s new Hub TIF District in 2010.

  5. For this transaction, the Williamson County Tax Assessor reduced the ( already questionable ) fair cash value assessment of $ 235,380.00 from the 2010/2011 tax year, to a fair cash value assessment of only $ 155,508.00 for the 2011/2012 tax year.

  6. The Williamson County Tax Assessor immediately changed the owner’s name and mailing address on all five tax bills for the 2011/2012 tax year.

  1. In March of 2012, William Brian Ziegler took out a $ 633,420.00 mortgage and began construction of a large commercial building on the northern part of this property. It currently houses the thriving Clarida & Ziegler Engineering firm.

  2. In an inexcusable departure from the normal and expected assessment requirements, the Williamson County Tax Assessor did not assess this property for the new construction for either the 2012/2013 tax year, or the 2013/2014 tax year according to the required published assessment changes for Williamson County, as well as property record files at the courthouse.

  3. Based on above mortgage information ( as well as the large brand new brickfaced commercial building now on this property ) a conservative estimate of the fair cash value assessment for this building would be $ 500,000.00.

  1. The rough estimate of tax monies the county taxpayers have been defrauded of on this transaction alone for non assessment of the new building is, at least, approximately $ 12,000.00.

( View Exhibit Z Documents )

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