I: David C. Arnold and Kimberly D. Arnold

I ) Property sale / David C. Arnold and Kimberly D. Arnold from Richard E Robinson and Nancy A. Robinson   Documents

( never reassessed, equating an immediate 40% discount )

  1. In August of 2007, David C. Arnold and Kimberly D. Arnold purchased a luxurious 5.83 acre lake/vineyard estate from Richard E. Robinson and Nancy A. Robinson. This property is comprised of 2 tax parcels, with the bulk of the land and estate on the first. ( PIN 10-35-400-003 ) ( see documents referred to as Exhibit I )

  2. The Robinson estate was listed for 1.4 million at the time according to local realtors. The Arnolds apparently traded a home in the Morningside subdivision of Marion valued around $ 350,000.00 to the Robinsons along with taking out a mortgage for $ 700,000.00. The mortgage is dated same date of the sale, as well as of both deeds.

  3. Courthouse documents show the total sale price as $ 700,000.00.

  4. The tax bills were changed to reflect the new ownerships by the tax assessor for the 2007/2008 tax year.

  5. However, the tax assessor never reassessed this lake estate property to reflect the actual purchase price.

  6. The tax assessor assessed the lake/vineyard/estate ( PIN #10-35-400-003 ) on the 2007/2008 tax bill for a fair cash value of only $ 575,220.00.

  7. Five years later, the 2012/2013 tax bill for this property is assessed at a fair cash value of only $ 585,573.00.

  8. While the exact purchase price is unclear, it is obvious that it was in excess of $ 1,000,000.00, and likely $ 1,200,000.00.

  9. Based on a fair estimate of $ 1,200,000.00, the tax would be about $ 26,600.00 per year plus increases.

  1. The rough estimate of tax monies the county has been defrauded of on this transaction alone is approximately $ 70,000.00.

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