P: Harry L Crisp, II

P ) Property sale / Harry L Crisp, II and Rosemary Crisp from John Peter Yacup and Jennifer Leigh Yacup.  Documents

( property never reassessed after a sale, given huge discount )

  1. In September of 1995, Harry L. Crisp, II and Rosemary Crisp ( owners of Pepsi-Cola Bottling Plant, etc. ) purchased a parcel of land ( near their larger lake estate) with a 10 year old 1426 sq. ft. home with finished basement, brick porch and decks at the Lake of Egypt, south of Marion, Illinois.

  2. P-TAX records confirm that the purchase price was $ 275,000.00. ( see documents referred to as Exhibit P )

  3. In an inexcusable departure from the normal and expected assessment requirements, the Williamson County Tax Assessor did not reassess this parcel to reflect the actual purchase price, aka fair cash value, for the following tax year of 1996/1997.

  4. In fact, the Williamson County Tax Assessor has never reassessed this parcel to reflect its actual purchase price.

  5. In eighteen years the fair cash value of this parcel has risen only nominally from remodel improvements and those nominal tax increases incurred county wide.

  6. In 1998, the fair cash value showed only $ 171,450.00. ( three years after the sale.) By 2004 it had crept up to only $ 210,600.00. ( nine years after the sale )

  7. This property’s fair cash value is assessed at only $ 320,000.00 for the 2012/3013 tax year.

  1. The rough estimate of tax monies the county taxpayers have been defrauded of on this transaction alone is approximately $ 42,000.00.

( View Exhibit P Documents )

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