C: Marion Heights, LLC.

  • C: Property sale / Marion Heights, LLC. from Dianna Samples

( assessment after a sale receives 78% discount) ( double entry P-TAX forms and deeds fail to show up in assessments )  Documents

First problem:

  1. In May of 2009, Marion Heights, LLC. purchased a 1 acre tract from Dianna Samples, a widow. This property is located at 2008 Morgan Avenue at the intersection with Shane Lane in Marion, Illinois just east of Interstate Highway 57. ( see documents referred to as Exhibit C )

  2. Records state that $ 75,000.00 was the purchase price for not only this tract, but that the $ 75,000.00 purchase price included five additional lots across the street on the south side of Morgan Avenue.

  3. Dianna Samples, a widow, has stated that she herself received $ 75,000.00 for her share alone, not counting some “$ 60,000.00 the children received” from Doug Bradley of Marion Heights, LLC. She also confirms that she sold the property ( PIN # 06-11-400-006 ) because her mobile home on that property was practically destroyed by the 2009 “straight line winds” storm that hit Marion hard in May of 2009.

  4. Marion Heights LLC.’s managing partner Doug Bradley, a CPA, signed the PTAX-203 real estate transfer declaration stating that there were no mobile homes on this property, and that $ 75,000.00 was the full value paid.

  5. On the 2009/2010 tax bill this one acre parcel ( PIN # 06-11-400-006 ) was assessed by the Williamson County Tax Assessor for a fair cash value of $ 35,619.00. The total assessed fair cash value of all six parcels in this transaction for 2009/2010 was only $ 55,914.00.

  6. On the 2010/2011 tax bill for this one acre parcel, the Williamson County Tax Assessors Office removed the assessment for buildings and improvements completely, leaving the one acre parcel assessed at a fair cash value of only $ 9,660.00 despite the fact that the trailers and outbuildings were demolished by the May 2009 storm previous to the purchase date and verified as such on the P-TAX form.

  7. In the Board of Review hearing in 2013, Jeff Robinson stated that this one acre parcel ( PIN 06-11-400-006 ) was “worthless” in his opinion “because of its size and its shape”. This, in spite of the fact that the owner/developer paid $75,000.00 for it, and has bought numerous lots on the same street throughout 2013 for $ 225,000.00 per acre.

  8. The total assessed fair cash value for all of these 6 parcels for the 2011/2012 tax year was $ 30,204.00, roughly a 60% discount from the stated purchase price.

Second problem:

    1. Driven by the persistent rumors surrounding the actual purchase price of these six parcels, a diligent research of courthouse records was initiated, and a critical piece of missing evidence was uncovered. In 2007, ( 2 years prior to the above purchase date ) Marion Heights LLC. purchased this exact same property ( same exact PIN numbers ) for a recorded purchase price of $ 60,000.00 from the children/heirs etal of the above named widow for their interests in the property, and filed the deed and P-TAX form at the courthouse. ( see documents in Exhibit C )

    2. The tax assessor never reassessed these six properties, although the deed was recorded. Inexplicably, there is currently no record of this transaction’s purchase price of $ 60,000.00 on any of the property record cards for these six parcels in the tax assessor’s office.

    3. As a result, the widow paid for all of the 2007 and 2008 property taxes.

    4. The two purchase transactions two years apart by the exact same developer for the exact same properties were never added together by either the developer or the tax assessor.

    5. The actual total purchase price for these six properties was $ 135,000.00

    6. Based on the actual purchase price The Williamson County Tax Assessor gave these properties a 78% discount.

    7. The rough estimate for tax monies the county has been defrauded on this ( these ) transaction(s) alone is approximately $7,500.00.

( View Documents Exhibit C )


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