J: Abbott/Ross


J ) Property sale/ Nafru Enterprises from Abbott/Ross

( remaining land owned by family for 28 years, and without being sold, is arbitrarily assessed 134 times more than its previous assessment ) ( in the interest of full disclosure, Elisabeth Abbott is one of the Abbott owners here with 11 % )  Documents

  1. In December of 2011, Nafru Enterprises purchased 2 acres of the 13.4 acre Abbott/Ross tract. This 2 acre parcel is located on Shane Lane north of Morgan Avenue in Marion, Illinois, just east of Interstate Highway 57, and physically adjacent to the land in A and C outlined in this complaint.

  2. Records show that the purchase price was $ 450,000.00 and deed transaction papers confirm the same. ( see documents referred to as Exhibit J )

  3. The Williamson County Assessor assessed the fair cash value of this 2 acre (seller financed) parcel sold to Nafru Enterprises at $ 454,000.00 on the 2012/2013 tax bill with a total tax due of $ 10,711.16, as is the normal expected assessment requirement.

  4. Jeff Robinson admitted that he then personally pulled the records for the remaining unsold 11.4 acres of the Abbott/Ross property and, in an inexcusable departure from normal procedure, reassessed it at $ 225,000.00 per acre for the 2012/2013 tax year, using the purchase price per acre of the adjacent 2 acre sale to Nafru Enterprises.

  5. The Abbott/Ross property fair cash value assessment for the 2011/2012 tax year had been $ 19,014.00, with a total tax due for the 2011/2012 tax year of only $ 416.24. It was as yet uncleared farmland, in transition, due to the new interstate interchange for Morgan Avenue.

  1. The Abbott/Ross property owners had rejected insultingly low offers via the Star Bonds Developers and the Illinois Department of Transportation in 2010/2011 and filed a Formal Title VI Complaint to the Federal Highway Administration on the enormous and well documented discrimination against them as minority ( Portuguese ) women by the City of Marion, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and others in August of 2012.

  2. The Abbott/Ross property owners retained an attorney and successfully appealed this outrageous tax assessment by Jeff Robinson in March of 2013 at the county level in a Williamson County Board of Review hearing. The case is currently appealed to the Illinois PTAB for complete adjudication.

  3. Had Jeff Robinson succeeded in this outrageous misuse of power in his non uniform assessment of the Abbott/Ross property, the “fair cash value” of their remaining unsold 11.4 acres after the 2 acre sale to Nafru Enterprises would have been $ 2,565,000.00 with a total tax due for the 2012/2013 tax year of roughly $ 55,383.00. ***

  4. The punitive taxes Jeff Robinson assessed the Abbott/Ross property owners with amounted to 134 TIMES the previous year’s assessment, going from a fair cash value of $ 19,014.00 in 2011 to $ 2,565,000.00 in 2012.

Notes: Abbott/Ross property

*** As attached documents will show, after the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) take of 8.71 acres from the initial 22.95 acres in 2007, the Abbott/Ross women still owned 14.2 acres. The county tax assessors inserted an incorrect 9.33 acres after the 2007 IDOT take, and even after the 2011 sale of 2 acres to Nafru Enterprises, calculated only 7.33 acres remained. Their subsequent assessment of $ 225,000.00 per acre was even then mathematically incorrect.

 from Abbott/Ross

 ( View Exhibit J Documents )

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