One Million Dollars

INDEX … representing a total estimate of ONE MILLION DOLLARS

taken directly  out of the Williamson County taxpayers’ coffer  by way of “special buddy discounts”  given by Williamson County Tax Assessor to select fat cats.   Methods include non assessments, fraudulent assessments, delayed assessments, special treatments, discrimination, and plain game playing with Tif rules and regulations.

A ) Marion Heights, LLC.

B ) James E. Zeller

C ) Marion Heights, LLC.

D ) Diederich Properties, Inc.


F ) Ronald E.Osman and Gary Mayer

G ) Newcomb Oil Co. LLC.

H ) Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Absher

I  ) David C. Arnold and Kimberly D. Arnold

J ) Loretta Abbott, Lorraine Ross, Elisabeth Abbott        ( Punitive Assessments )

K ) Absher,LLC.

L )  AA Realty, LLC.

M ) Professional Properties, LLC.

N ) Douglas E. Hines

O ) Diederich Properties, Inc.

P ) Harry L. Crisp, II

Q ) Harry L. Crisp, II

R ) The Salvation Army

S ) Marion Discount, LLC.

T ) HC Development, LLC.

U ) Marion Heights, LLC.

V ) Marion Heights, LLC.

W ) Jill N. Crespi and Daron F. Absher

X ) Mack’s Auto Sales, Inc.

Y ) Delta Communications, LLC.

Z ) William Bryan Ziegler

EXTRA ) Marion of Illinois, LLC.

EXAMPLE: City of Marion TIF TAX

All of these documents raise serious questions as to the conduct of public official Jeff Robinson in the discharge of his fiduciary duties as Williamson County Supervisor of Assessments. Along with the deprivation of substantial monies to this county over an extended period of time, his actions and inactions have violated and betrayed the public trust of the taxpayers for honest services by a county official. It appears that the systemic irregularities are closely tied to that of city and county officials, local TIF districts, and the developers.

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